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When Words Fail, Music Speaks: How Spotify Innovates Through Technology

Music calms our minds, makes us dance, improves concentration, and strengthens our creativity. Spotify enables us to listen to over 50 million tracks anywhere, anytime. No mean feat: serving 271 million music lovers and handling over 8 million client requests per second requires a top-notch infrastructure.

However, Spotify has more in store. Spotify's music collection is continuously growing to suit all tastes, and they have recently added podcasts to the platform. Google Cloud is proud to support this increasing innovation and growth. In 2016 we collaborated to migrate 1,200 online services and data processing models as well as 20,000 daily job executions to the cloud. Today, Spotify’s customers listen to billions of daily plays of music and podcasts, leveraging Google Cloud’s global network.

“Google Cloud removes a lot of the operational complexity from our ecosystem. That frees up time,” said Tyson Singer, vice president of technology and platform at Spotify. “We can iterate quicker on key needs, like data insights and machine learning. Having infrastructure managed for us, with the lower-value details taken away, streamlines our ability to concentrate on what’s important to our users and give them the experiences they know and love about Spotify.”

β€œIn addition, I think one of the most powerful parts of our partnership has been our engineers and Google engineers sitting together in the same room to solve some of our most difficult problems.”

β€” Allison Gilles, Head of Data and Insights Platform at Spotify

Google Cloud helps Spotify support millions of requests per second from its global listeners. The cloud’s managed infrastructure scales up to the highest activity levels and eliminates complexity. With Google Cloud, Spotify found a solid foundation to further build its culture of innovation and engineering. This way, fans around the world can enjoy music to their taste - with just one click. Watch the video above to see how Spotify uses Google Cloud to unlock infinite capacity and speed up innovation.

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