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  How to build a culture of engagement and innovation 

Working from home has become increasingly important over the past months. Even though you might have met your colleague's cat and know what your manager's home looks like, the feeling of connectedness and engagement with your organization can get pretty low. However, feeling engaged, connecting with colleagues, and collaborating smoothly remains essential to accomplishing the teams’ goals. Here, we will discuss which tools can help you build a culture of engagement that actually fosters innovation.

  Innovation to build engagement, engagement to build innovation

We at Google believe that engagement and collaboration are essential in being innovative. Having the opportunity to be innovative even makes employees feel more engaged. But this still seems hard to accomplish. Research conducted by ADP reveals that 48% of employees are just showing up at work and without feeling inclined or encouraged to actually contribute fully to the organizations they work for. This must be fixed, if you want to move forward as an organization. According to the study, this can be done by building strong teams and elevating trust. Technological tools can set you on the right track. Let’s take a look at Atlassian, a company that has successfully established an innovative and engaged team culture with the help of cloud tools.


Atlassian is a global software company that ebables teams to collaborate more effectively. With over 3000 employees - most of which are remote - working on engagement and collaboration is key to their success. To achieve this they use G Suite. According to their workplace collaboration lead, Harvey Jones, it allows them to communicate effectively and smoothly. Take, for example a digital and interactive whiteboard application known as Jamboard, a digital and interactive whiteboard application. Jones says: “it delivers a rich experience that solves our problem of bringing remote workers into conversations”. Not only has it boosted teamwork, but it has also helped Atlassian develop new innovative features for core products. “Thanks to Jamboard, our content is now more relevant and valuable, as it has had input from more people”. In this manner, Atlassian has managed to improve employee engagement, team collaboration, and innovation while working remotely through cloud tools.

“Thanks to Jamboard, our content is now more relevant and valuable, as it has had input from more people”

— Harvey Jones, Workplace Collaboration Lead, Atlassian

In data we trust

Just like Atlassian, we at Google also use technology tools to build strong teams, drive innovation, and create trust. This is key, because teams who trust their leader are 12 times more likely to feel engaged with the organization they work for. The same goes for employees: those who feel trusted by their leader perform better. To us, data analysis is essential to building strong teams and trust. A good example of this is our annual Googlegeist survey, that assesses employees’ feelings about working for Google, and measures their engagement with the company. Rather than simply providing insights into engagement, the process itself works to create a sense of trust and equality between employer and employee. Googlers should not just be working for Google, they should be able to have a say in how it’s run too.

Chances are your organization could also benefit from elevating employee engagement, trust, teamwork, and innovation. In that case, our cloud tools can be of great help. The case of Atlassian has already shown the power of G Suite and Jamboard in this process, but there's more. Just like we do in our annual survey, you can use Google Analytics to gain insight into your employees’ opinions and ideas. With applications like Looker, a real-time data platform, these insights can be shared and accessed by teams whenever and wherever they are. Researchers have shown that having access to real-time data helps teams to become or remain highly productive since you allow employees to know exactly what is going on. With constant accessibility of comprehensible visualizations of the most important data, your teams can shift their action into a direction they know is working effectively.

We've shown that tools like G Suite and Google Analytics allow you to establish a culture of engagement that sparks innovation. Please watch the video below to learn more about the ways in which tools can help you create committed, connected and ingenious teams.