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How's the weather? Innovating the age-old art of forecasting with AI

Around 350 BC, Aristotle made the first weather predictions. Flash-forward to the 21st century: today, AI is writing the next chapter of meteorological innovation. How does AI-powered advanced forecasting help utilities produce more renewable electricity?

Intimacy without proximity

With so much happening remotely, customer intimacy has proven to be more important than ever. Technology can help achieve intimacy without proximity. Curious how to enhance your customer intimacy strategy and emerge stronger from these turbulent times?

When words fail, music speaks: how Spotify innovates through technology

Music calms our minds, makes us dance, improves concentration and strengthens our creativity. Spotify enables us to listen to over 50 million tracks, anywhere, anytime. Curious how Spotify partners with Google Cloud to innovate with tech?

Three essential initiators for building a culture of innovation

We at Google Cloud believe that innovation is enabled through three fundamental factors: a culture of openness, data, and room for mistakes. Curious how your organisation can out-change the world?

The building blocks for responsible technology

Do you ever wonder how your AI-driven solutions reach their decisions and how these decisions impact processes and people down the stream? Are you all in for the responsible democratization and transparency of AI technology? Read on how Explainable AI, Model Cards and our What-If tool can help you build more safer, accountable, trustworthy and inclusive products.

Bridging the omnichannel gap

Maintaining your customer relationships remotely and improving your customer experience has never been more important for retailers than it is today. Omnichannel retail is therefore gaining momentum. How can Google Cloud support you in placing your customer at the center of your omnichannel architecture?

Going Green: the business of embracing sustainability

What was once primarily considered a company mission to do social good is now also being acknowledged as an important business imperative. So how can sustainability be a driving force for your business?

Taking Control of Your Product-Service Hybrid

Product-service hybrids are becoming ever more critical in an increasingly competitive and globalizing business landscape. In our latest article we explore how Apigee can benefit your hybrid offerings.

Shared solutions, sustainable solutions

Cities are faced with the complex challenge to improve sustainable mobility and our use of space. We can find inspiration in new solutions based on the principles of the sharing economy, micro-mobility and Mobility as a Service. How are these innovations transforming our cities to be more inclusive, resilient and sustainable?

Thinking about snow in summer

Why would you be thinking about snow in summer? As Christmas, Black Friday, and other surrounding holiday festivities are some of the busiest shopping days annually, it's crucial for retail to be well prepared. With e-commerce popularity rising, how do you stay ahead of the game?

Can technology craft the 'new normal' in healthcare?

The global healthcare industry is always evolving to meet the changing needs of society. Artificial intelligence (AI) can drive the healthcare sector to shift towards prevention, early intervention, and increased accessibility. Curious how AI solutions enable this shift to come to life? And how these solutions can be adjusted to help understand a new virus? The unique story of Diagnostic Robotics speaks for itself.

How to build a culture of engagement and innovation

Working from home has become increasingly important. Feeling engaged, connecting with colleagues, and collaborating smoothly are essential to accomplishing the teams’ goals now more than ever. Which tools can help your organization in building a culture of engagement to ultimately foster innovation?

Update: funding during business as unusual

COVID-19 has changed the funding landscape worldwide. Startups and scaleups are threatened by this year’s economic downturn. Can they still get funding? And how can they focus on the future? We’ve delved into it. Read advice from VCs and researchers and discover the trends of the post-COVID-19 era.

Moving fast with happy customers

As industries are being disrupted, organizations are forced to adapt to new operational requirements. This creates a need to move fast while retaining reliable experiences for customers. Learn how Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) is helping companies like Netflix to keep customers happy and streaming.

How tech helps us reach the Sustainable Development Goals

We at Google are deeply committed to drive sustainable change. So how does our technology contribute to a sustainable future? Please read along to find out.

Inclusive health and societies with AI

AI is expected to become one of the most exciting development in modern tech in life sciences. Take a look at how AI can be used for more inclusivity in society and to stimulate access to healthcare.

Revamping experience-based retail with IoT

Curious how the Internet of Things (IoT) can help with a seamless shopping experience for click-and-brick stores using experience-based retailing? Read along!

Remote working and wellbeing

Leaders are making sure to support the wellbeing of their teams during what could become a lasting shift towards remote work. What can we learn?

Deciphering Ancient Egypt

What if video games would create new worlds for their players as well as change our view of the world we live in? Learn how Google and Ubisoft helped geologists to decipher hieroglyphs from ancient Egypt.

Seeing potential

Artificial Intelligence is rapidly transforming the future of health. Read along to learn about a project that's making fundamental impact by tackling blindness with tech.

Securing your remote work

Working remotely is here to stay. So how do you ensure security is in place? Read how Google's experience with zero trust networks can help you out.

Stepping up Your Game

Game developers are set with a daunting task: no matter what, keep the game up and running. How can Google Cloud help you with scalability and load balancing solutions?

Looker for Gaming: A Magic Match

In-app advertising is rapidly gaining popularity. However, advertising in mobile games remains a tricky business. Enter Looker, the go-to platform for game developers. Why? Read on!

Through the Looking Glass

With AR-ready smartphones in everyone’s back pocket, augmented reality (AR) no longer belongs just in sci-fi movies.

Smart Things

From improving your CX to increasing sustainability, using the Internet of Things is the smart thing for your platform.

Opening up the Black Box

Curious to know how you can create the best machine learning models? Dive deeper into the world of Explainable AI!

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